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Winch Out & Rollback Service

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Penn Service Towing & Diesel Repair is a full-service towing company. We have been helping vehicle owners in their time of need for years. All our towing, roadside assistance and repair services are available for clients in Scottdale PA. We have truck drivers that are experts at getting vehicles out of tough spots. Ditches, mud, snow, rollover accidents, and tight spaces are no problem with our winch out and rollback services. We have new rollback trucks that can safely get your vehicle out of any tough situation. Feel free to contact our customer service team today if you need winch out or rollback towing services.

Winch Out

Is your vehicle stuck? Did you drive off the road during the snowstorm? Are you stuck in deep mud? Have you been in an accident and your vehicle is undriveable and off road? Penn Service Towing & Diesel Repair has winch out services that will safely get you back on the road. Our winch out service is available on call. You won’t have to worry about a tow. We can normally get you unstuck quickly and safely. Our tow truck drivers have been helping people for years and always try to minimize damage to your vehicle when winching it. We’ve winched cars out of streams, mudslides and ravines. Don’t hesitate to give our team a call if you need a winch.

Rollback Service

A rollback tow truck is a flatbed that has an added hydraulic system and winch. They bed can roll back and tilt. We will always use our rollback service is used for very heavily damaged vehicles. If your vehicle is undriveable, we will winch the vehicle onto the rollback. Our rollback service is also great if you need to tow a vehicle in a tight space. The added functionality of our rollback towing service makes it easy to tow vehicles from alleys and other tight spaces. Our rollback service is also a great option for transporting vehicles.

Emergency Towing & Recovery

Our winch out and rollback services are available 24 hours a day. We are always prepared for any upcoming storm and will have employees on call and ready to care for your vehicle. If you are in an emergency roadside situation, don’t hesitate to call. Your safety is our main concern. We will dispatch a tow truck driver to your location to quickly and safely winch out or tow your vehicle. Use the phone number below to get in contact with our customer service team.

Construction Vehicle Towing

Our rollback service is a great option to transport construction vehicles. Most construction equipment is not street legal and can’t be towed by a regular tow truck. Our rollback trucks can transport almost any construction vehicle. We have trained truck drivers that are pros at towing construction equipment. We are available to tow bulldozers, trucks, loaders, mowers and more. Contact our customer service team today if you need construction vehicles moved.

Penn Service 24 Hour Service